Implementation of solutions


Vffice implementation service

In order to maximize the efficiency of our solutions, our professional consultants team will help you integrate your newly designed system into your existing workflow. We will present a fit-gap plan in order to assure the applied solution follows exactly your expectations and works conveniently with your existing work process.


How do we make sure the optimization of the implementation?

First, our consultants will discuss with your company during the consulting period in order to learn about your work plan. Eventually, with that information, Vffice will be able to design an ideal solution. Afterwards, we will start the build process by integrating the existing parts of your work plan in the new software and create new features that focus on critical requirements and issues. With our certified team, we can help reducing the risks of deploying a new system into your business. Besides that, trainings are also available for your end users to be familiar with the functions of your new ERP/CRM/CLOUD.



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